PMI-ACP® Credential Overview



The PMI-ACP® recognizes knowledge of agile principles, practices, and tools and techniques across agile methodologies.


Experienced agile practitioners across all industries


> 2,000 hours of project experience within the last 5 years

> 1,500 hours working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies within the last 3 years

> 21 contact hours of training in agile practices

Application Process

  1. Verify that you meet the PMI-ACP® eligibility requirements above
  2. Create an account at
  3. Complete the on-line PMI-ACP® application at and submit
  4. In approximately 10 days you will receive an application approval e-mail from PMI; log into and pay your credential fee ($435 for PMI members and $495 for non-PMI members). Within minutes you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating 1 of 2 things:
    1. Thank is your test code and exam scheduling instructions
    2. Thank you...your application has been selected for is your audit welcome packet
  5. If you are audited (25% of applications are randomly selected for audit upon payment of exam fees), complete all audit forms and mail them to PMI. In approximately 5 days you will receive an e-mail stating 1 of 3 things:
    1. Thank is your test code and exam scheduling instructions
    2. Thank you...we require further is what we need
    3. have failed to meet the audit requirements...please refer to the PMI-ACP® Handbook for our refund policy procedure
  6. When you have your test code, go to to schedule your exam

Exam Information

  • You will have up to one year from the date your application is approved to take your exam
  • If you fail your exam, you are allowed to re-test twice within your one year eligibility period
  • Exams are available at multiple Prometric locations around the world
  • You will need to provide 2 forms of identification upon arriving at the test center
  • All of your belongings, including your cell phone, etc., are placed in a locker and are not accessible during the exam
  • You will have 3 hours to complete 120 multiple-choice questions
  • Of the 120 questions, 20 questions are considered pre-test and are not scored
  • The questions will represent:
    • Agile principles and mindset - 16% of the questions
    • Value-driven delivery - 20% of the questions
    • Stakeholder engagement - 17% of the questions
    • Team performance - 16% of the questions
    • Adaptive planning - 12% of the questions
    • Problem detection and resolution - 10% of the questions
    • Continuous improvement (product, process, people) - 9% of the questions
  • There are no scheduled breaks during your exam and as such, the clock will continue even if you step away from the exam
  • Questions are provided one at a time and can either be answered, answered and marked, or left blank and marked for review
  • Upon submission of the exam, you will be asked to answer a survey prior to receiving your results
  • Upon completion of the survey, you will be notified as to whether you passed or failed the exam
  • The exam center will provide you with a paper copy of your results, including your proficiency level in each of the domains. Proficiency levels are:
    • Proficient
    • Moderately Proficient
    • Below Proficient

How to Prepare

To prepare for the PMI-ACP® exam you may choose to self-study or take an exam preparation course.
Because of the difficulty of the PMI-ACP® exam many candidates choose to attend an exam preparation “boot-camp” style class. It is important to note that the PMI-ACP® exam will test on all of the agile approaches. As such, Scrum Master training, on its own, will not provide sufficient information to pass the PMI-ACP® exam.

Another option is to self-study. There are multiple sources cited for the PMI-ACP® exam.

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