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Resource Knowledge Area

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I'm Belinda Goodrich and today's learning point is on the resource knowledge area. Now the resource knowledge area is concerned with both physical and human resources. Because it's concerned with human resources, meaning our team, you're going to see some overlap between these resource processes and the stakeholder knowledge area because remember, our team members are also considered stakeholders.

There are six processes overall within the resource knowledge area. The first two are in planning, so the first thing is we're going to plan our resource management. What's our approach to getting our resources, both physical and human? Rewards and
recognition would be factored in, any type of training and development that needs to be done. Again, physical resources as well. Are we acquiring them externally? Or are we using internal resources? Doing things like a responsibility assignment matrix, maybe a resource breakdown structure. Again, we're going to have a subsidiary plan as an output of that process, the resource management plan.

We also have our estimate activity resources process within the planning process group. Now if you are familiar with the PMI Guide, that process used to be in planning in the schedule knowledge area in the fifth edition. They moved it down to
the resource knowledge area this time. Of course, resource estimating is very closely linked to cost estimating and obviously has a big impact on our schedule planning as well. We estimate our activity resources using a lot of the techniques we've talked about, analogous, parametric, bottom up. You don't do a three-point estimate for resources. Doesn't really work that way.

Then we move into executing and we have three processes within the resource knowledge area in the executing process group. We acquire the resources and then we develop our team and manage our team. Now I always say the difference between the developed project team process and the managed project team process, developing is fun. That's going to be your team building and training. We want them to grow in their skills, their collaboration and how well they work together. Manage the team, that's the un-fun stuff. That's dealing with conflict,
dealing with escalations as necessary. And then of course we move over to controlling and we are going to control those resources. We just want to make sure that we have the right resources available to us at the right time. We don't have too many, we don't have too few.

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