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Quality Knowledge Area

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Hi, I'm Belinda Goodrich and today's learning point is on
the quality knowledge area. There are three processes within the quality knowledge area. We plan quality management, we manage quality, and we control quality. So first step in that planning process group, planning our quality management. So what is going to be our approach to quality management? Creating that subsidiary plan, the quality management plan, talking about how we're going to do quality control, how we're going to do quality assurance, how we're going to do continuous process improvement. We also come out with our quality metrics from plan quality management. Now those metrics are really important because they're going to be our target. Those are our goal of what we want to achieve for our quality standards. So things like defect rates, density rates, availability, all of those types of things would be considered quality metrics.

Executing, we have our managed quality process that used
to be called perform quality assurance. One way to think about manage quality is quality improvement. It's about how we get better and how we improve our quality of our project and our product. So it's the umbrella over continuous process improvement.

Then we have control quality and monitoring controlling, so quality control, you may hear it called QC, right? And that is where we're inspecting and checking our deliverables. We're making sure that they comply to the requirements and that's going to yield our quality control measurements. Now back in manage quality, one thing that we're going to do is we're going to take those quality control measurements, we're going to compare them to the quality metrics we defined in our plan and we're going to evaluate and see how well we're doing. That's where I said manage quality is the process of quality improvement because that's where we'll say, okay, based on the results we're getting out of QC and our quality metrics, are we doing what we anticipated? Can we get better and how do we get better?

So if you're looking at the framework, it's important that you don't think linear, right, when you look at that PMBOK Guide framework, because if you are very linear in your thinking, you would think that managed quality precedes control quality, right? Because manage quality is in executing, control quality is in monitor controlling. But it's actually the opposite because we cannot manage our quality until we've controlled it. We need those QC measurements to know how well we're doing in order to know how we can improve. I'm Belinda Goodrich with today's learning point, which was on the three quality processes.

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