PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition, Exams More Difficult?

Has PMI increased the passing score on the PMP exam and other credentials?

As of July of 2013, the PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition is the latest version of the PMBOK used as the basis for PMI’s exams. While we know that the PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition features 5 additional processes and one new knowledge area compared to 4th Edition, would that alone make the exams more difficult?

While PMI has not released the passing score on the PMP exam for a number of years, we strongly suspect that the bar has been raised. Not necessarily because the new PMBOK is more difficult, but for a credential to be of value, there must be some demand, some rarity, some achievement. If everyone passes, where is the value? While we can’t confirm this, we would take a guess that too many candidates were passing the PMP and as such, when PMI changed over to 5th edition, they bumped up the score. Feedback was pretty consistent that a number of training providers in the industry were seeing an increase in student failures.

On a positive note, the PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition, does seem to be a bit more “cleaned up” and consistent. While there are still some areas that leave you scratching your head a bit, for the most part the changes make sense.

Passionate Project Management feels confident that we have a strong understanding not only of the PMBOK Guide, 5th Edition, but also of the new test. To-date, we have had numerous students not only pass, but provide us with valuable feedback that allows us to continually improve our course ware and make it as targeted as possible. And you can’t argue with results!

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