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Our Secret Weapon! Not Just Your Typical Boot Camp!

Today was a typically great day for Passionate Project Management – three of our students from our on-site class last week passed their PMP exams. In reviewing one of those student’s score report, we though it would be helpful to provide a little insight into what makes us different from other exam prep providers.

Our goal is for every student to be successful on their exam. We specialize only in the PMI credentials and certifications and ensure that we are available to assist the students all the way through the process.

Our first step is to provide everyone with access to a free webinar with a PMP instructor. During the webinar, we walk through the entire application process and answer any questions.

When someone signs up for a class, we provide them with access to a free pre-course module. This 35-hour online, on-demand class provides a great foundation to the PMP and CAPM concepts. This also allows the student to meet their education requirements prior to the class and get their exam scheduled for a short-time after the class.

During class our instructors are committed to the students – 24/7. There are no other commitments or meetings or conflicts. It is all about the students and whatever it takes to ensure maximum knowledge transfer.

Are you ready for the secret weapon???

Once class completes, the participants are all provided with an intense 200-question mock exam. They send their exam results over to us and we provide them with custom feedback and explanations for all 200 questions. We are able to give them an analysis of their performance and instruct them on what areas may need additional focus.

So how accurate are we?

Well, let’s look at one of our students from today. Our “pass” threshold is 75%. Based on a report just ran from our database, of the students that pass our practice exam with a score of 75% or higher, 98.3% of them have gone on to pass the actual PMI PMP exam on their first attempt!

As you can see in the PMP score report to the left and in our Practice Exam score report below, here are our student’s results:

PPM Test Score: 77%
PMP Result: Pass

Initiating Domain:
PPM: 69%
PMP: Moderately Proficient

Planning Domain:
PPM: 77%
PMP: Proficient

Executing Domain:
PPM: 70%
PMP: Moderately Proficient

Monitoring & Controlling Domain:
PPM: 84%
PMP: Proficient

Closing Domain:
PPM: 69%
PMP: Moderately Proficient

And we’re not open only during business hours. If we know we have students testing shortly after the class, the team will be on stand-by during the weekend to score the practice exams when they come and turn them around within an hour or two.

Why Is Our 200-Question Test So Effective?

One reason: we listen to our students. We follow-up with each and every student after the exam and collect their feedback. We use that feedback to constantly update our materials based on their results. Our students always know the PPM material is 100% up-to-date.

(Please note: we do not cross ethical boundaries. We advise our students that under no circumstances can they provide us with actual test questions!).

What Happens When Students Fail The Exam?

Guess what? It happens. We can have the best materials, the best instructors, the best feedback, and some people will still fail the exam. We are prepared to handle that as well. If a student fails the exam, we are prepared to provide feedback, 1:1 coaching, and offer a repeat of the course for no additional cost. If the student scored 75% or higher on the final 200-question exam and does not pass the test, we will pay for the re-examination fees. Our goal is to ensure that our students are successful.

When we have had students fail on the first try, 99% of them go on to pass the exam on the 2nd attempt. It is incredibly rare for a student to fail the test on all three attempts.

Have you taken a class from PPM?

We would love to hear your experiences with our materials, support, and your exam results.


  1. Lisa on March 7, 2012 at 11:50 am

    I will tell you that my class was excellent, Belinda was a phenomenal instructor, but it was this final 200-question test that, in my opinion, made such a difference. The final results of my exam aligned almost perfectly with my scores on the practice exam. You guys have done such a great job developing this.

    You ROCK! I’m definitely one of your raving fans!!! (Especially after failing the exam with another provider).

    Thank you for everything you do!

  2. Jim G on April 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    PPM – You guys were great. I agree that what really sets you about apart is the readiness assessment with the final exam. The five of us that attended your Phoenix class from my company all passed on the first try. It was a lot to learn but you all made it as easy as possible. And I really appreciated Belinda’s “football coach” analogy. Yes, you made us work hard all week and there were times I doubted the value of the exercises (thinking of those ITTO exercises) BUT when we all passed the exam, we got it.

    Thank you very much. Best training investment we’ve made as a company, by far.

  3. John on May 20, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    You let your secret out!! Just kidding!

    PPM really did “rock my face off”. I was required to get my PMP by my company after having been a PM for nine years with them. I consider myself a smart guy, so I bought the typical books – Rita Mulcahey, Andy Crowe, Head First, did all the tests, even read the PMBOK.

    And then suffered the ultimate hit to my ego – I failed the exam. Someone recommended Passionate Project Management – thank God.

    The four-day class was great and the materials were so much better at preparing me for the exam – much better than what I had been using. If I had just used the PPM course materials I think I would have passed the test on my first attempt. The class was just an added bonus. (Love the Brain Baby)

    What I like the most about you guys is that you get feedback from the students and you’re so timely with your information. It really made the difference. The final test kicked my ass, but that’s what I needed.

    I attribute my success on my 2nd attempt to the materials, that test, and Belinda’s skills as an instructor.

    I’m definitely one of your biggest fans!

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