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Do you like to network? I'm glad you do because, boy, I struggle with it. It was funny to me that PMI has networking in the PMBOK Guide as one of their interpersonal and team skills. But you know what? It really makes sense. As a project manager, it's so important to know people, and know the politics, and know who's who, and what's what within your organization, and outside your organization. That's where networking really comes into play. You have to get yourself out there, meet people, talk to people, and understand their roles, their responsibilities, and their feelings about your project.

You've heard it said, it's not what you know, it's who you know. That's networking. Over my career, over 30 years doing project management, I have met so many people. Well, one thing I realize is that as I matured in my project management and in my professionalism, I started networking more and more. That networking allowed me so much flexibility and credibility with my projects because people knew who I was. They knew my background. Maybe they knew some of my past projects. They were more likely to recommend me. They were more likely to work with me. They were more likely to be open to sharing ideas.

I think it's great that PMI has networking in the PMBOK Guide as one of our techniques that we use, and I encourage you to work on your networking skills. Again, it's not what you know, it's who you know. So, get out there, meet people. It can be exhausting,
but it's definitely worth it.

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