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Develop vs Manage Project Team

Develop vs Manage Project Team

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Develop vs Manage Project Team

There are four processes in the human resources knowledge area: develop human resource plan, acquire project team, develop project team, and manage project team. While developing the human resource plan and acquiring the project team are straightforward, it may not be as intuitive to know the differences between developing and managing the project team.

Develop Project Team

The develop project team process is the second HR process in the executing process group and the intent is to improve the competencies of team members through training and enhances the interactions of team members through team-building. (The “fun” stuff!)

There are a number of techniques used to develop the project team:

  • Interpersonal or “soft” skills, such as empathy, influence, creativity, group facilitation
  • Training team members to enhance their competencies
  • Team-building activities to progress them through the stages of team development (forming, storming, norming, and performing)
  • Establishing ground rules, set by the team members
  • Co-locating the team into one physical location
  • Incenting the team through the use of recognition and rewards

Manage Project Team

The manage project team process tracks team member performance, provides feedback to the team members, resolves issues, manages changes to optimize project performance, and may also involve disciplinary escalations to the functional manager. (The “un-fun” stuff!)

The tools and techniques used to manage the project team include:

  • Observing and conversing with your team members (yep. Actually looking at and talking to the people on your team. Step away from the computer!)
  • Providing project performance appraisals on the team members
  • Utilizing the appropriate conflict management approach: confronting/problem-solving, compromising, forcing, smoothing, withdrawing, and collaborating
  • Leveraging an issue log to manage the open issues within the project

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