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All About PMLS

Our Secret Weapon! Not Just Your Typical Boot Camp!

By Belinda Goodrich | March 5, 2012

Today was a typically great day for Passionate Project Management – three of our students from our on-site class last week passed their PMP exams. In reviewing one of those student’s score report, we though it would be helpful to provide a little insight into what makes us different from other exam prep providers. Our…

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Pass Rates – The Real Story!

By Belinda Goodrich | March 4, 2012

As an exam prep provider, a common question we get from potential students is “What is your pass rate?”. At PPM we have a policy of transparency. We want our clients (current and perspective) to feel confident in their investment in an exam prep course from us and so we do publish our pass rates…

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Sweat, Deception, And Mold (AKA: A Perfect PMP Class)

By Belinda Goodrich | December 9, 2011

I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to teach PMP exam prep. I loved being in the classroom, I loved project management, and I loved taking something complex and making it easy for people. So I jumped in with both feet, left my cushy corporate job and became a contract instructor. I started…

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