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All About Project Management

The PM Survival Toolkit

By Belinda Goodrich | April 4, 2011

By Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson Close your eyes and picture this. You have been set a challenge to trek through one of the great deserts of the globe, perhaps the Great Sandy Desert of Australia, the Mohave of North America, or the Sahara of Africa. As you prepare for your challenge, you…

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Which Came First – The Process Or The Tool?

By Belinda Goodrich | March 18, 2011

By Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson with Brian Grafsgaard There are many aspects involved in successful project and program management: hard work, experience, good teamwork, solid processes and work practices, having good tools with which to work, adopting and displaying the right behaviours…the list could go on. This article focuses on two aspects…

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Is The PGMP Credential Right For Me?

By Belinda Goodrich | March 5, 2011

By Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson with Brian Grafsgaard Gareth, Gary, Jeff, and Brian are PgMP® (Program Management Professional) credentialed through the Project Management Institute (PMI®). (In fact, that’s how we met, became good friends and collaborators on articles.) We know from personal experience what it takes to obtain. Additionally, in early 2010,…

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Cultural Awareness: Tailoring Your Presentation To The Audience

By Belinda Goodrich | February 21, 2011

By Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson It is generally accepted that communication is 90% of a Project Manager’s job. As we have covered in an earlier article (Managing a Virtual Team), the basic theory of communication involves a sender, a receiver, a message and a medium. Another article that we published focused on…

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Why Have An On-site PMP Exam Prep Class?

By Belinda Goodrich | February 7, 2011

While participating in an open-enrollment PMP exam prep class has its benefits, there is another option to consider: hosting an on-site PMP/CAPM exam prep class. If you and at least three other co-workers / team members / associates are interested in pursuing a PMI certification, an on-site may be a better option: 1. Lower Cost…

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Learning Lessons – Before You Begin, As You Progress, And When You Have Finished

By Belinda Goodrich | February 3, 2011

By Gary Hamilton, Gareth Byatt, and Jeff Hodgkinson Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time. This statement can be applied to the way in which we approach projects. If we do not take the time to learn from the…

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Glad I Got Audited

By Belinda Goodrich | January 31, 2011

I recently got selected for audit on my PgMP (Program Management Professional) certification application. For many people, audit notification would elicit a groan, some mumbling, and probably a fair amount of frustration. But, believe it or not, I was actually hoping to be audited. Crazy, eh? (now, I wasn’t running around the office doing the…

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PMP Exam Prep – Triple Constraint Of Success

By Belinda Goodrich | January 27, 2011

Why We Guarantee To Rock Your Face Off! You may have heard of the “triple constraint” of project management… but are you familiar with the “PMP exam prep triple constraint”? Instructors. Materials. Support. PPM is different from other providers in that we recognize the importance of the IMS triple constraint. Constraint Number One: Instructors Have you…

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By Belinda Goodrich | January 21, 2011

Actually being home (in Phoenix) this week, allowed me the opportunity to attend my local PMI chapter evening PDM sessions. The PMI Phoenix chapter is one of the larger chapters and has a strong program to support project managers and companies that employ project managers. Because of the size of the membership and the geographic…

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