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Pass your Project Management Institute (PMI)® exam


The PMI exams are difficult - your preparation shouldn't be!

We prepare you for the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®, and the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exams

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Exam Simulation Practice Tests!

Know before you go! Are you ready to take your PMP, CAPM, PMI-RMP, or PMI-ACP exam? Find out with our exam simulation bundles! 

Our mock exams mimic the difficulty of the actual exams. All exam simulation products are based on the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition.

Specializing in the Project Management Institute Exams

Our entire organization is dedicated to Project Management Training; we specialize in: Project Management Professional (PMP)®, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®

Technology brings our expert training directly to you wherever you are...live, online, and led by our expert instructors. Our virtual classes are highly interactive and engaging to ensure that you will receive the maximum learning benefit, from the comfort of your home or office. All virtual classes include hard-copy courseware materials.


All of the important information you need to know to prepare for the PMP® exam.

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pmp on-site training

Custom On-site Training

Cost-effective and convenient! Bring our instructor and course materials to your location and receive significant discounts off of our class price. With a minimum of five participants, we will come to you, deliver a virtual live on-line session, or create a blended solution that best meets your needs.

Maintain your credential


Easily maintain your PMI® credential with our Continuing Education PDUs. We are continually adding to our library of self-paced and virtual PDU offerings that will make your credential maintenance straight-forward, practical and enjoyable.

pmp free information resources

Free Exam Prep Information and Resources

We are passionate about helping project managers and have a number of FREE resources available to you to help you navigate the credential process. Be sure to check out our free PMP® Learning Concepts!

Self Study Products

Self-studying to pass your PMI® Certification exam? Or perhaps augmenting a training program? We have you covered! Belinda and the team of experts have authored an entire suite of self-study tools to ensure you are ready for your PMP, CAPM, PMI-RMP, or PMI-ACP Exam: Self Study Books, Flashcards, Pocket Guides!

PMP Exam Book Cover- Without BG Mockup

PMP® certification exam prep and project management training

The PMP®, CAPM®, PMI-RMP®, and PMI-ACP® exams  are very difficult and challenging exams. Your goal is to pass the exam – and our goal is to get you there.

What Others Are Saying About PMLS Training

Clifford Bailey, PMP, PMI-SP

Belinda provided our company an onsite preparatory course for PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) certification which I found invaluable in taking and passing that exam. I went on to take the PMI-SP (Schedule Professional) certification exam several months later and found that the training provided by Belinda had been retained and did help me in obtaining that certification from PMI.

Patrick Leath, PMP

Kelly was an outstanding instructor. She was always available for questions and made sure everyone was comfortable with the information before moving to the next topic.

Patti Spicer, CISSP, PMP

Belinda is an expert in her knowledge of the PMBOK Guide and PMP exam subjects. Her course is well-written and very informative. She worked well with everyone in our class and left me feeling very prepared for the exam. Belinda won’t teach you how to be a PMP; if you’re taking the exam you should already have experience — but she will guide you through the subjects that are important to the exam and PMI’s view of the world. Her class is an excellent and hardcore review of the PMBOK Guide and thanks to her advice, I passed the exam on my first try. I highly recommend Belinda and Passionate Project Management if you are preparing for the PMP or CAPM exam.

Mary Ann Ebbitt, CAPM

I had the pleasure of taking the 3 day Compressed PMP Boot camp class through my PMI Chapter delivered by PPM. I was the only class participant who was there to prep for the CAPM exam. At each step of the way, the instructor made an effort to point out specific differences and provide impressive hints to help me prepare for the CAPM. With her guidance, I was able to pass the exam on the first try. I would recommend anyone studying for the PMP or CAPM exams to take her prep boot camp. Thank you PPM!

R. Todd Henderson, PMP

The Project Management Professional (PMP) boot camp services I enrolled in through Passionate Project Management have been, without a doubt, superior to any other materials, methods and teachings I have encountered. The subject material is intense, requiring a fast pace of instruction. All the while Belinda, Devin and the PPM team were amazingly sharp, warm, connected and successful in their efforts to prepare me for the PMP exam, which I passed without a problem. In the future, I will without reservation seek their services again. In the meantime, I will continue to share my satisfaction with others by means of reference.

Theresa Matkowski, PMP

I took a 5 Day Boot Camp a back in 2006 but never applied to take the exam because of a change in my employment. However, this summer I completed the Passionate Project Management on-line module PMP101 and then took their 3 day Boot Camp with Belinda Fremouw. Belinda made the course interesting and provided excellent tips on what you could expect to see on the exam. If you are looking for a high quality down to earth instructor who genuinely cares about your sucess, look no further. By the way, I mainly used their materials and the PMBOK to study and passed the exam on the first try.

Ali Yallah, PMP, Six Sigma

I just finished a 4 day PMP bootcamp with Passionate Project Management. The class was very informative, creative and exciting. The instructor had deep knowledge of the PMBOK 4th edition and was very passionate about her profession. She used creative ways to drive home the knowledge and we felt prepared to take the PMP certification exam after the class. Good work!

Jennifer Cottrill, PMP

I attended Belinda’s class last week in Alpharetta, GA. I passed the PMP this Monday. She does a great job of giving you tips and tricks to remember the information for the exam.

Leslie Wallace, PMP

I found the structure, guidance and format for review of the PMP Exam Prep material that Belinda and “Passionate Project Management” provided to be an invaluable tool in helping me to prepare for and pass the PMP exam on the first try. It was a concise, on point and easily digestible format of a lot of material. Belinda provided a real life examples that really brought it to life. The homework lessons were manageable and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone who is planning to take the exam attend the PMP Bootcamp.

Maria Sued, PMP

This course was worth every penny. Belinda is a great instructor. As a very accomplished professional with vast experience in the project management area, she not only teaches the PMI principles but brings real life examples into the class. Although it was an intense week, it was a great experience. A very enjoyable class. I will strongly recommended it to anyone. The whole team at PPM is superb!

Patti Pugh, PMP

Belinda is a highly effective and personable instructor with extensive real-world Project Management experience. She explained complex concepts with ease and made students feel comfortable with asking any questions. Her love of her profession is evident in everything that she does. The information that she shared yielded immediate returns in daily work tasks, as well as in passing the Project Management Professional certification exam.

Marko Niinistö, PMP

The boot camp was a very good method in getting to understand what and how to prepare for the exam. It also allowed to share experiences with colleagues and put the PMBOK into perspective based on our experiences. Fully recommend!

Jodi King, PMP

I attended a 4 day PMP Boot camp class in Atlanta. I thought I’d get a head start on my training so I ordered Rita Mulcahy’s Exam Prep. After the first couple chapters, I was questioning my job…”was I really a project manager because I didn’t do things like this?” After a freaked out call to Belinda, she reassured me that I’d do fine and she’d cover everything in class. So I dumped Rita’s book and walked into Belinda’s class. During her course, she gave us sample tests that prepared us very well for the exam. The material was easy to follow. I still keep both the work book and quick reference book on my desktop to reference. I signed up for the exam 2 days after the course. Her description of the test setting was exact. Surprisingly, since expectations were so ‘spot-on’, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was extremely surprised and relieved at my actual test results. I even got a proficient in one of the categories. Belinda went above and beyond when she made her team available on Sunday to grade our final sample exams and was in constant communication with us on our questions while she was on vacation. Very dedicated. I am the most proud of this accomplishment, even over by BS and MS engineering degrees. Thanks to Belinda for setting our team up for SUCCESS!

Chris Gibbs, PMP

Belinda is an excellent teacher and mentor – the course syllabus is well laid out and the materials presented focused on obtaining a sound foundation of knowledge for the exam- and it was fun! The final “sample” test in the course provides a focused, individual recommendation for any weaknesses in the processes/ knowledge areas and serves as a great comparison to the actual exam. I will be recommending PPM to all my colleagues for their PMP preparation classes.

Jason Jodoin, PMP

I recently attended PMP Prep in Providence with Belinda, And All I can say is “WOW” She has created a unique training system, that clearly sets the pace against any other training I’ve attended! Among some of those others are top area colleges. If your looking to get the PMP under your belt .. Attending Belinda’s course is a must!

Michele Hartleben, PMP

Belinda is an amazing teacher! Her passion, enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile for her student’s success was evident from the moment I registered. While the subject has the potential to be extremely dry, Belinda was able to convey the information in such a way as to keep you engaged. I can probably still remember the dump chart if I give it a few moments of thought! From originally speaking with Devin and all the way through, I felt like Belinda/Devin really cared if you passed the test and were willing to do whatever it takes to support your learning. From staying after class to review sections of materials, and allowing plenty of Q/A time, it was definitely student focused. It was an intense week, nothing can change that, but Belinda’s approach made it doable.

Vicky Janicki, PMP

I attended Belinda’s PMP bootcamp. She effectively taught the concepts, keeping the class focused yet fun. What sets her apart is her commitment the students before and after the course – she and her company are available to answer questions and provide help as well as encouragement. I walked into the PMP exam with alot of confidence and passed on the first try. I am recommending her class to my co-workers who are interested in passing the PMP exam

Ken Reidy, PMP

It is a pleasure to submit this letter of recommendation for Passionate Project Management. Having recently completed the PMP certification prep class, it is my belief that the extensive Project Management experience and thorough knowledge of the PMBOK guide contributes to the exceptional classroom presentation. The instructor’s comprehensive instruction, her engaging classroom environment and her ability to clearly communicate the concepts of the course readies every student for success. Additionally, PPM has developed creative and strategic study materials, both classroom and online, to further prepare their students’ achievement in Project Management. PPM’s passionate dedication to the profession and their students has motivated many PMP and CAPM candidates to pass the certification exam the first time, myself included.

Deb Hartman, PMP

I passed the exam on Friday! I passed all sections. Thank you so much for the preparation for this exam. You presented the material in a way that made it so much easier to understand and retain. I doubt I could have done it without you. It’s true that when you submit to complete the test, you actually wonder if you passed it or not. I had forgotten about the survey while waiting for the white screen to go away so the suspense was really getting to me by the time I completed the survey. I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw the word “Congratulations” come up on the screen.

Donna Healey, PMP

It truly was a wonderfully structured and entertaining class. For being a virtual/online class, it was amazing how time flew by! I could definitely tell that Belinda, our instructor and owner of the company, loves what she does. Her class energized me! The format of the class and the class materials were quite different from another class I took, and in my opinion, much more logical. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am actually excited to take the exam!

Jayson O’Hare, PE, PMP

PPM provided our company with excellent preparation for the PMP Exam during an onsite class. This was probably the best PM class I’ve taken. The instructor kept the entire room tuned with interest for the entire course.

Kevin Quan, PMP

I strongly recommended this course for anyone who wish to obtain PMI certification. This course provides a systematic and great approaches in obtaining the required knowledge to pass the exam! We have been studying for about 4 1/2 months in a study group prior to attending this course. We’ve gained additional confident that we need to pass the PMI exam in this course. All of us passed the exam! Thank you Passionate Project Management!

Barbara Klaskin, PMP

I went to a reputable University for my first boot camp. The instructor and materials were very flat, which made it hard to concentrate. I didn’t find the curriculum to help me out during the actual exam. The instructor emphasized a lot of memorization. PPM was fantastic – yes, even the online course! Belinda drove home the points of PMP, focusing on concepts instead of memorizing every single point. Where I found the 1st course I took to be painful to sit through, I honestly enjoyed learning from Belinda. She is a dynamic speaker, and made the long hours fun (even though she couldn’t see me smiling at her jokes). She drove home the most important concepts. Her knowledge of PMI, PMP, and exam questions, helped make sense of the Institutes thought processes. The “tricks” for studying and thinking through problems were extremely helpful. I’ll never forget “Bats and Cats Eat Vermin, Bats and Cats are Crazy”! No “BS” there! Thank you all for such a positive experience!

Tony Carrozza, PMP

I’ve read the PMBOK a few years ago. Most recently, I took the free training module offered by Passionate Project Management followed by more PMBOK reading and the 4-day PMP training. I don’t think I would have been as successful without the 4-day training. The materials alone were worth the price of admission. I know it’s essentially a prep for the exam, but I learned a great deal more that I can immediately apply. Highly recommended!

John T., PMP

I have taken and taught many adult learning classes over the years, and have experienced and developed many course materials as well. I found your approach to the topic and the study materials to be the BEST I have ever experienced. The class, instructor, and materials flowed in such as way that prepared me very well for the exam. Kelly Morrison rocks as an instructor! Sure, I had to study and work hard during the process, but I am convinced that because of the degree of organization and the fact that they actually care that I pass the PMP exam, that my success as passing was due largely to PPM. Hands down the best training company I have ever had the pleasure to work with. With years of experience of my own teaching and developing course materials, I can say that they have achieved the highest level of learning transfer and success for their students.

Blaine Taylor, PMP

I highly recommend Passionate Project Management for your qualification and certification preparation without reservation. Belinda goes above and beyond to ensure that the class, as well as the individual, understands the materials and is prepared to take the exam. She points out the nuances of the exam and reinforces those learnings with real examples. Could not have asked for a better experience. Two thumbs way up for Passionate Project Management!

Sean Amaral, PMP

This was by far one of the most beneficial classes I’ve taken. Belinda did an excellent job of breaking down the topics in a way that make it “easier” to digest. She also provided lots of tips and insight into what to expect during the exam so I felt prepared for the little nuances. Thanks Belinda!

Aaron Capello, PMP

Thought that curriculum was right on target for test preparation. If the student followed in class, did the assignments, and followed up with the results of the 200 question exam with feedback they should be on the way.

Ed Doherty, MS, PMP

I’d highly recommend PPM’s PMP training courses as an absolute necessity for someone interested in passing the PMP certification exam. The information and concepts taught during the bootcamp (I took part in) was instrumental in my passing the PMP exam (1st try). The instructor’s approach to presenting a great deal of information in a short time was fun and relaxed, which made it much easier to absorb. The manner in which the course information was organized and presented allowed me to easily organize and prioritize each concept required to pass the PMP. If you want to learn about project management, get your PMP certification and have a little fun sign up for one of PPM’s courses.

Billie Abbitt, CAPM

This is an excellent prep course. Belinda was entertaining and energetic which was important in a four-day class. Though the course was focused primarily on the PMP, I passed the CAPM exam Monday.

Nicholas Curtis, PMP

Belinda takes the PMP information and presents it in a way that will stick with you! I could hear her voice while taking my test when I was recalling some of the formulas. Her approach at teaching the material keeps you engaged throughout the entire week and leaves you with the tools to continue studying to pass the exam. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to earn their PMP.

Amy Glomski, PMP

If I could give PPM 6, 7, or 8+ stars I would. Belinda does a phenomenal job of breaking down all of the PMP materials in tangible, relatable way. She shares a lot of valuable “testing” nuggets, and packs all of the PMP Process information in with a powerful punch. What I appreciated most was her care and concern for each student. She was sensitive to the fact that the information becomes overwhelming during day 3 and 4 of the class, and yet still managed to help us retain the materials. She provides practical testing opportunities at the end of each lesson and preps you for the BIG exam by providing a simulation test with feedback. Thank you, thank you, thank you for assisting me in achieving my PMP credentials!!

Kim Kinzie, PMP

I highly recommend the boot camp class to anyone who is interested in obtaining his/her PMP. Belinda is extremely knowledgeable about Project Management. It is very obvious that she loves what she does and wants to help others be successful, not only with passing the exam, but also in their role as a Project Manager. Belinda has an engaging training style which is very valuable when participants are sitting in a training session for four days.

Cheryl Garin, PMP, RMP, CCNP, CSP, CSPO, ITILv3, MBA

Put all your fears and doubts to rest. This class will get you ‘there’

Bethany Duke

Despite managing projects for many years, studying and preparing for the PMP exam was something that I put off and put off since it seemed too big a hurdle. Belinda was my instructor at a Boot Camp to prepare students for PMP certification. With the classroom training, I feel confident in my ability to pass the exam. Belinda is extremely knowledgeable and has the credentials and work history to back it up. Our class was equal parts intense and equal parts fun learning. She has a fantastic teaching style and a fantastic personality. I’d recommend her and Passionate Project Management to anyone looking for a great experience in preparing for this major achievement.

Chez Marshall, CAPM

The Passionate Project Management bootcamp allowed me to take the CAPM exam with confidence and pass the first time.

Linda Fiorenzano, PMP

I highly recommend this course. I hesitated taking the PMP Exam for over six years and Belinda erased all my fears and I completely give all credit to her that I passed the Exam the first time. By far, the best instructor I have ever had.

Danielle Hays, PMP

The training that Passionate Project Management provided was a valuable tool for me to pass the PMP Test. The boot camp was just what I needed to obtain the confidence to achieve my goal of obtaining my PMP.

Donna Sugarman, PMP

This is the best PMP Bootcamp! Belinda goes above and beyond to ensure success. Her approach to the PMBOK and PMI-isms differ significantly from the competitors classes that I have attended. The small class sizes and personal attention make for an enhanced learning experience and guaranteed success for a PASS! Gave me all the right stuff to feel very confident when exam day came around…great!

Kelly Cooney, PMP

I would highly recommend taking this course! I had been studying for months and months and felt like I was getting nowhere. Within one week, Belinda’s class taught me everything I needed to know to pass the exam, how to get there, and the confidence to get it done. Belinda is an incredible instructor and it was the best class that I’ve ever taken and hope to take more classes with Passionate Project Management in the future.

Matthew Carpenter, PMP

The education Belinda provided on the PMP materials and also test taking methodology was excellent. I went into the exam with confidence and passed the first time.

Timothy Byrne, PMP

The instructor’s practical Project Management experience is evident in her training. Her knowledge of PMBOK principles is very impressive and her presentation skills are top notch. She is able to clearly convey and demonstrate complex concepts while keeping the lessons interesting and enjoyable. The training materials were also very complete and well organized. I will definitely recommend Passionate Project Management to my colleagues interested in PMP or CAPM certification.



All of the important information you need to know to prepare for the PMP® exam.

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